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9 September 2013 Novel HOUR OF THE WOLF is available in English!

15 August 2013 The Review

11 August 2013 The Howler is free app of a day in Amazon.com today!

24 July 2013 Czechs also play The Howler!

29 June 2013 New video: The Howler. Angrier than bird flu.

27 June 2013 It’s official – nobody can play The Howler in a more fun way than PewDiePie!

12 June 2013 Howler is on E3!

11 June 2013 GameSkinny: It’s ALL hand drawn.

11 June 2013 Lithuanian Tourist Board just received a healthy shot in the arm – says Kevin Moore from TouchGen

The Howler

Is a beautiful game for iOS/Android/PC/Mac which can be played in a conventional click/touch manner or you can control everything by voice. The action of the game takes place in imaginary steampunk Vilnius, in 1905. The game is interlinked with the bestselling steampunk novel HOUR OF THE WOLF by Andrius Tapinas. The English version of the book is set to come out summer 2013.