The Story

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a city where you can see hot air balloons flying over the roofs of the Old Town every day when the weather is clear. This is where the inspiration came from. Most of the places and buildings you see in the game actually exist in Vilnius today. Come to Vilnius to see them in real life!

The game is interlinked with the bestselling steampunk novel The HOUR OF THE WOLF by Andrius Tapinas. The English version is set to come out summer 2013.

The game can be played in a conventional click/touch manner or you can control everything by voice: a noise will push the balloon up, or keep quiet for it to descend. You can even drop parcels or bombs by making short loud noise.

The game was created by two people. The artwork is by Rene Petruliene: all the graphic design was drawn by hand, on paper, the old fashioned way. Antanas Marcelionis did the rest. The process took one year.